EscrowTech is a leading worldwide provider of software escrow and technology escrow services. We also offer other services that help you protect your intellectual property. With both legal and technical experts, EscrowTech stands ready to assist your company with its intellectual property protection needs. Below is a list and short description of the services that EscrowTech offers. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Software Escrow and Technology Escrow

Essential for "Mission Critical" licenses!

Use this service in conjunction with license agreements and other technology transactions to provide access to escrowed materials if and when needed. This service provides licensees, customers, and other beneficiaries with access to (and rights to use) source code, development environments, technologies, documents, trade secret information, etc. of licensors, developers and vendors in the event of bankruptcy, breach of contract, discontinuation of products or support, or any other "release condition." We work with software companies and other licensors to set up cost effective escrow programs to enhance the value and marketability of their software and technology without jeopardizing their intellectual property.

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Technical Verification

Go the extra mile!

Verification, compilation, testing, etc. of escrowed materials. This gives the licensee or customer a higher level of confidence in the materials placed into escrow. Also used in conjunction with IP Collateral and Investment Protection services.

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IP Audit Trail (Intellectual Property Protection)

Prepare now to win intellectual property cases!

Companies can use this service to better protect their intellectual property - and to help their attorneys more effectively enforce this intellectual property against infringers. Invention disclosures, documents, drawings, CD ROMs, code listings, samples, prototypes, etc. are periodically deposited with EscrowTech to document, evidence and independently corroborate intellectual property, technology, inventions, software, data, works of authorship, products, methods, tests, encryption keys, etc. This service provides a neutral dated audit trail of invention, development, creation, compilation, modification, addition and deletion to enhance or verify patent rights, copyrights, trade secrets, confidential information, etc., and to address problems such as rouge employees, NDA disputes, first to invent, missing source code, etc. Also serves as a back-up to mission critical technology, encryption keys, passwords, and materials.

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IP Archives

Don't leave your agreements vulnerable!

Use this service to document, define, evidence and "freeze" intellectual property, technologies, inventions, software, works of authorship, data, products, methods, tests, encryption keys, passwords, and other subject matter that are referred to in contracts, assignments, licenses, transactions or settlements, or that are relevant to litigation, arbitration or other disputes. EscrowTech serves as a reliable neutral that holds and preserves the integrity of archived materials that can be subsequently retrieved, copied, examined or used to resolve future disputes or questions. Eliminates uncertainty, insufficiency or unanticipated interpretations of contractual subject matter.

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IP Collateral and Investment Protection

A must have for investors and lenders!

When you invest in, or loan money to, a company, you want to ensure that the company will own the intellectual property you believe it has at the time of the investment or loan or that is subsequently created by the company's founders and employees with your money. The value of your investment or the security of your loan may depend on this intellectual property. This service consists of a specialized IP Audit Trail designed to specifically protect investors and lenders - see description of IP Audit Trail above. This service defines, documents and evidences the intellectual property on which collateral, security interests, loans, and investments are based.

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IT (Information Technology) Evaluation and Testing

Look before you jump!

EscrowTech reviews, evaluates and tests software, Internet, e-commerce, and other information technology assets of a company before a deal with another company is made, e.g., a loan to, or investment in, the company, or a licence or assignment from the company, or some other significant transaction with the company. This service enhances the decision making capabilities of venture capitalists, investors, lenders, licensees, assignees, OEMs, and strategic partners by providing additional data upon which they can base decisions to do (or not do) the deal. The service can assess the status of software development and the state of the software (e.g., how "buggy"). The service can include functionality and performance testing, quality assessment, and other tests and evaluations. The service is designed to reduce risks and unpleasant surprises.

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IT Dispute Resolution

Facilitates Settlement!

EscrowTech conducts neutral, unbiased testing of software, Internet, e-commerce and other information technology assets to assist in the resolution of disputes. For example, testing of software to determine compliance with specifications or performance guarantees in a software development or license agreement. EscrowTech can work with the parties, their attorneys, mediators, arbitrators and courts to design, plan and execute tests, verifications, and evaluations that facilitate the resolution of disputes relating to information technology.

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