About EscrowTech India

Sound and Secure

EscrowTech India is “The Right Choice” for “Sound and Secure” software and technology escrows and other services for the protection, archiving and documentation of intellectual property, technology and works of authorship.

First Time in India

EscrowTech India is a Joint Venture with EscrowTech International, Inc., bringing in the credibility, expertise and experience of EscrowTech International. EscrowTech India is one of the best known and most highly respected software and technology escrow companies in the world.

Clients Include Fortune 500 Companies

Many of the best known companies in the world as well as leading venture capitalists, financial institutions, law firms, educational institutions, and state and government entities trust EscrowTech India for “sound and secure” software and technology escrow services and for other services that protect, archive or document intellectual property, technology and works of authorship.

Superior Expertise

Legal, technical and administrative experts are available to work with you to deliver sophisticated and cost effective solutions and programs designed to meet your needs and requirements. With EscrowTech India, you will work with experts having decades of experience in software and intellectual property licensing, software development and testing, and other “real world” industry experience.

Superior Technical Capability

When technical verification, IT (information technology) evaluation, or IT dispute resolution services are needed, EscrowTech India has at its disposal unmatched technical expertise for examination, verification, compilation, testing and other technical services, which is supplemented by the technical infrastructure of its partners and associates !

Notice from our Legal Department

Because of the variety and complexity of software and technology escrows, these are only an introduction for general informational purposes and are not part of any contract. Actual escrow procedures, terms and conditions may be different. Any escrow will be governed exclusively by the actual escrow agreement.


For nearly 12+ Years Escrow Tech has helped hundreds of customers all over the country with their software escrow needs.


When our standard agreements don’t fit your unique situation, our in-house counsel can work with your attorney to customize them.


For nearly 12+ Years EscrowTech India has securely stored materials in our escrow vault.


Predictable, fair and no unpleasant surprises.

Free Consultation

Interested in learning more about our Software Escrow, Source Code Escrow, or Technology Escrow services or other services?

Feel free to email us at [email protected] for a “no cost” and “no obligation” consultation with our experts on the best solution or program for you! You will get our attention and our best advice.

Experience why EscrowTech India Pvt Ltd. enjoys a near 100% retention rate of clients and learn for yourself why EscrowTech India is ‘The Right Choice’ for software escrow, source code escrow, technology escrow, IP archive and IP audit trail services.