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A software escrow is a legal agreement that protects the software user (licensee) by giving them access to the source code and other important documents in case the software provider isn’t able to continue business operations, breaches maintenance obligations, discontinues support of the licensed software, or any other reason that hinders the licensee’s ability to fully use the software.

Yes, EscrowTech India performs a basic verification of the escrow materials free of cost. The free verification process includes reviewing the escrow materials and performing virus scan, and media read check.

EscrowTech India’s technical verification services encompass a wide range of verification procedures to ensure the usability of the submitted escrow materials. Based on your requirements, you can choose both high-end and lower levels of verification at EscrowTech India. If you choose lower levels of verification, EscrowTech India will provide you with a File Name Listing Service that provides a detailed list of files, a cryptographic hash function size, file classification table, etc. whenever a deposit is made.

There are dedicated escrow vaults designed to store all the confidential materials at EscrowTech India.

EscrowTech India provides template agreement for both software and technology escrows, including sample language for release conditions, registration forms, and instructions.

EscrowTech has a huge list of clientele, half of which are fortune 500 companies. We cater to the needs of companies from different industries.

EscrowTech India is flexible when it comes to payment. We accept online transfers, demand draft, and checks. Once your account is set up, you will receive an invoice containing instructions.

You are required to submit the escrow materials on physical media to our facility along with the Deposit Inventory Form. We accept hard drives, tapes, DVD, and CD.

You will receive status reports every six months from the start date of your escrow account. The status report will include everything from the deposits made, who are the parties involved, and other relevant information.