Software Escrow FAQ

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A Software Escrow protects a software licensee by ensuring that the licensee will have access to the source code in the event that the licensor goes out of business, discontinues support of the licensed software, breaches maintenance obligation, or some other release condition occurs.

For more information take a look at Software Escrow Fundamentals.

EscrowTech India conducts a Standard Verification on escrow materials free of charge. This consists of reviewing the escrow materials and performing the following: media read check, virus scan.

Yes. EscrowTech India highly recommends performing a detailed Technical Verification in conjunction with all Software Escrows in order to ensure the usability of the Deposit Materials in Escrow. EscrowTech India also offers lower levels of verification such as the File Listing Service, which provides a detailed list of files, a file classification table, cryptographic hash function size and more to the Beneficiary each time a Deposit is made.

Please click the following link for a complete layout of EscrowTech India’s Technical Verification Services.

Deposit Materials are stored on physical media at EscrowTech India’s storage site.

For additional information regarding EscrowTech India’s vaults, please visit our facilities page.

Yes, we provide the template Agreement for each Escrow type, as well as instructions, registrations forms, and sample language for release conditions. Give us a call and we can send you the template agreement.

EscrowTech India has hundreds of clients. We service a majority of the companies

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EscrowTech India accepts checks, DD or online payment. You will receive an invoice with instructions after the account is set up.

You may submit the materials on physical media (CD/DVD/Tape/Hard Drive) to our facilities.

Status Reports are sent out every 6 months from the start date of an Escrow. The Status Report includes a list of all of the Deposits made, Active Related Parties and other important account information for your Escrow.