Single Beneficiary (Licensee)


The Single Beneficiary Agreement is a tri- party Agreement between the licensee (single beneficiary), the software provider (owner), and EscrowTech India (the escrow agent). This agreement comes into effect when –

  • There is one licensee (single beneficiary)
  • There is one software provider (owner)


  • The licensee and the software provider enter into Software Escrow Agreement with EscrowTech India.
  • The software provider submits the escrow materials on physical media like hard drives, tapes, DVD, CD, etc. via mail, courier or hand delivered.
  • EscrowTech India stores escrow materials in it’s secure vault.
  • In the event of a release, the escrow materials are sent to the licensee or Licensor as per the agreed terms of the Agreement.

Escrow Materials – Escrow Materials are deposit materials that include the actual source code, files related to software, and other important documentation.

Release Condition – The condition or scenario that triggers the release of the deposit materials. It can be anything from bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, failure to provide continued service, etc.